Unplanned Pregnancy Advice for Couples

It is not strange for a couple to discover that they are going to be parents, when that is the last situation they would have liked to face in life.

An unplanned pregnancy can cause psychological torture in the minds of some young people.

In this article, I want to share unplanned pregnancy advice with young people so that they can ride this storm, if they happen to find themselves in such a situation.

So, what should you do if you discover you are going to have a baby you have not planned for?

1. The Boyfriend Should Support His Girlfriend

The first thing to do when you get to know that your girlfriend is going to have a baby is to pledge your support for her. Assure her of your love and pledge to stick with her.

Additionally, encourage her by telling her that all shall be well. Let her feel that she did not make a mistake by choosing to accept you as her boyfriend.

Avoid saying words such as, “Are you a kid! How could you allow yourself to get pregnant! I am not ready to have a baby! You must abort it or else it is over!” That is pride which you must swallow in the interest of the baby.

Understand that your girlfriend is going through emotional upheaval. So, say words that will soothe her spirit and calm her down.

2. Accept the Reality

You have to face the fact that you are both going to be new parents very soon. therefore, channels all your enegrgies and emotions into discussing what you will do now to salvage the situation, and not on blaming each other, accusing each other, and wallowing in self-pity.

3. Forget the Past

Focusing on the past and on the mistake you have made is like driving on a road with your eyes fixed on the rearview mirror.

Yes, occasionally think about the mistake you have made so that you can learn lessons from it–lessons which will help you to avoid this mistake again in the future. However, both of you need to concentrate on the road ahead. Try to keep your eyes fixed on the future.

Furthermore, forgive yourself and forgive your partner. Remind yourself that as human s you are, you are bound to make terrible mistakes sometimes.

Forgiving yourself will give both of you peace of mind so that you can both use the whole of your mental faculties to having brainstorming sessions to come up with constructive ideas to help resolve the problem.

4. Choose to Be Resilient

An unplanned pregnancy can be very stressful for youth, especially if you are both teenagers. This is because you are already going through internal changes which you sometimes find difficult to come to terms with. So, when such a negative external change is added, it can make you feel that the whole world is coming to an end.

So, you must choose to be resilient so that you will be able to weather the storm and get on with your life. Resilience is the ability to recover from shocking news or disappointments without going to pieces, or learning to adjust to change.

Choosing to be resilient will help you in three ways:

· It will help you to endure the new situation so that it does not adversely affect your studies or your work;

· It will help you to look at the seeming terrible situation and see an opportunity in it;

· You are less likely to start taking drugs or drinking alcohol when you feel overwhelmed by your new situation.

5. Try to Be Patient With Your Lover

An unplanned pregnancy in a relationship can cause all sorts of emotions to rise in your partner. This will cause your lover to feel confused as he or she tries to decide how to feel about the whole situation and which option to choose to solve the problem.

Therefore, the man or woman who was so loving can suddenly start treating you as if he or she does not love you anymore.

So, you will need to exercise some patience and try to understand that your partner may not be thinking straight at this moment. This will help to prevent misunderstandings and fights which will break your front as a loving couple. At this time, what you need is teamwork and cooperation, and not division.

6. Estimate the Financial Cost of Taking Care of a Baby

One unplanned pregnancy in a relationship advice which you must consider is to find out how much you will need in order to take care of your baby from the website of the US Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion. (cnpp.usda.gov).

Consider taking up more jobs or starting a home-based job or doing online work. For example, working as a writer or editor online can help you to make about $61,240 a year, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Writing and editing are jobs anyone without prior experience can learn how to do easily.

7. Choose Not to Abort the Baby

Some young men and women choose to abort a baby because they feel they cannot cater for a baby financially, or because they feel they are not in a position to handle the responsibilities that go with looking after a baby.

However, this contravenes God’s command not to kill, for in God’s eyes a fetus is a living being and so destroying a fetus is murder in His eyes.

So, have faith in God and believe He will provide ways for you to take care of the baby. Furthermore, remind yourself that the baby in the mother’s womb can be a blessing for the two of you, if you choose to keep it.

Additionally, do not forget that there are options you can consider. For example, you can give your baby up for adoption, or you can fall on relatives and friends to help you take care of the baby.

Why Not Have A Happy Marriage While Avoiding The Crash Of A Divorce?

It is vital to discover both present minute bliss and joy about upbeat and effective wedded life and your future.

Satisfaction is of the keys to an effective marriage and is the fuel for a noteworthy life, and without it we can not seem to get the existence we need.

Approaches to discover satisfaction and to have a fruitful marriage isn’t generally a straightforward arrangement, but then you must be aware of it.

You should focus on the things that you have with the end goal to find that you both have a cheerful hitched life.

Numerous people like to harp on the essential things that they don’t have and even pine over them.

At the point when individuals can not discover bliss in their very own life they don’t have the foggiest idea about the most ideal approaches to develop and find into cheerful wedded life.

Instructions to have the keys to a fruitful marriage implies the perspective that you as of now have really discovered bliss in your very own life.

In normal occasions, people see precisely what they are honored with.

Others, who just only ache for precisely whatever they see and need it extremely and fanatically, are never satisfied for their common possessions can not fill the unfilled void within them.

The most ideal approaches to find satisfaction in a marriage begins with everyone discovering joy with God.

At the point when temperament swings are noticeable all around and lift you up helping you to overlook concerns, God will help you through your perspective.

Bliss is the ordinary condition of beauty for humankind.

Investigate a little tyke making its first strides with a glad grin and you will understand that condition of elegance I’m talking about.

The little youngster does not need anything consequently, it is truly satisfied.

For the following couple of days stay nearby searching for your unadulterated moments of satisfaction.

Every moment in your life kept loaded up with delight will assist you with keeping joy and bliss in your marriage.

It would be ideal if you tally the snapshots of euphoria that you have felt. Step by step instructions to discover bliss in a marriage is by your attitude.

Being genuinely upbeat is everything!

Already I talked about free accessible data on sparing the marriage today by remaining upbeat in such a regularly clashing world.

Genuine bliss is an attitude of watching the perfection of effortlessness inside you continually streaming your direction.

We have to see how to keep from sinking excessively low while we venture through this world.

The secret to discovering euphoria in our very own lives and of our conjugal relationship is to start scanning for points of interest, rather of complaining all the time about whatever that has fizzled.

Delight offers us an impression of intensity and vitality.

Enjoyment implies being amped up for now and about what’s to come.

I generally believed that to find really JOY in your life that you have to pursue these straightforward essential rules.

You have to put your internal heavenly Self first in your life, something Jesus thus numerous different bosses were here to instruct us.

Jesus has directed to us through the Course in Miracles that, “My heavenly sibling, I would go into all connections, and venture among you and your dreams. Give my relationship to you a chance to be genuine to you, and let me convey reality to your impression of your siblings.”

Continuously put others forthright in your life, and have a minding demeanor toward the world by and large.

That has dependably been my mantra, as it were, for a superior more satisfied upbeat life and a glad wedded life.

You should center around the things that you have inside you and figure out how to mirror that plenitude and delight to the material world, with the end goal to discover joy in your conjugal relationship, as well.

Make certain to expand your internal ecstasy.

Keep in mind, when you have no inward delight being anticipated to your life in this world, you can not ever acknowledge how to discover satisfaction in a marriage.

Instructions to find bliss in a marriage comes from the component that you as of now have found satisfaction in your very own life.